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Wildwater is one of the most physically demanding of the ICF’s Canoe Disciplines. In the Classic Wildwater races, athletes race down a course of four to five miles of class three to four whitewater, yet it also requires strategic insight to balance raw power and speed with considered execution and perfect timing. In other words, athletes need to be strong and fast yet calm and calculating. An athlete’s success depends on their ability to pass over waves, holes and rocks of a natural riverbed while remaining “zen-like”. ... read more

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6 Wildwater Races within 9 days !!!!


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ICF Ranking Competitions 2018         - actual ICF Ranking
April 07/08  Skopje                                    Sprint  MKD
April 14/15   Kolpa river                             Classic SLO
April 15 Plavy-Jesenny,Kamenice river     Classic   CZE
April 21/22 Banja Luka, Vrbas river              Sprint BIH   
April 27       Bled, Sava Dolinka river            Classic SLO     
Mai/ June 31-02   Muotathal, Muota             Classic/Sprint   SUI
June 08-10 Banja Luka, Vrbas river              Classic/Sprint  BIH   
June 15-17   Celje                                      Classic/Sprint   SLO
August 26  Lipno - Vltava                           Sprint    CZE      
October 20/21  Irrel, Prüm river                 Classic GER 


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Skopje (MKD) Europen Championship 11.-14.05.2017



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