Lofer - the place to be for wildwaterfans

Lofer at the Saalachtal is attractive to everybody. A simple fact, proved by history.   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was in Lofer in December 1769. The beautiful view up to the mountains of Lofer were part of a James Bond Movie. Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton and Erol Sander were guests in Lofer for their holidays.

The valley of Lofer with the lovely towns St. Martin, Unken and Weißbach is surrounded by 2.500 m mountains, green mountain pastures and  large forrests. Maybe the strongest forces of nature are the torrential rivers with the main river Saalach, which is the venue for the ICF Wildwater Canoeing Junior World Championships.

But there are a lot of more landmarks like the Loferer Alm, the Church of Maria Kirchenthal and the spectecular flumes. For cultural interestes the city of Salzburg, also called the Mozartstadt, and Berchtesgarden, with the beautiful Königsee, is very close for the tourists.

Alpine Skiing, Rafting, Canyoning, Hiking and of course Canoeing is possible for the sporty tourists, who are searching new challenges in an unforgetable landscape.

The paddlers from the whole world know, this is the place to be for wildwaterfans and so they come back every year. German Canoe Clubs and their Federations organize youth camps in Lofer and in St. Martin. From there they can reach different wildwater spots and rivers like the Saalach, the Salzach or the Weißbach. Rivers for every technicial level, for beginners (in Unken – Schneitzlreuth) and professionals (at the devils valley). The Hubertuswalze directly in Lofer is a famous playspot for freestyler.

And so Lofer is also an ideal place for competitions. Canoe-Slalom and Wildwater Races have a long tradition. Since 25 years the German Canoe Federation hosts championships in cooperation with the toursimus federation of Lofer. „It is very important for us, that the course an the river is in a good condition“, said Bernd Siorpaes, Manager of the Touristc Office. „After the high tide in June, we had a lot work at the river, but we were very quick for the Junior Championships. Next year we will also have the slalom gates back on the course.“

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