Vienna (AUT)

Foto: Vienna Watersportarena
Foto: Vienna Watersportarena

The first official slalom course in Austria opened on August 2013. Vienna is a perfect spot to host ICF World

Championships Wildwater Sprint Vienna 2015, because athletes from allover world will find a brand new course with interesting characteristics. The VERBUND-Wasserarena will be filled with water of best quality.

Finde the course:

VERBUND-Wasserarena, 1220 Wien, Donauinsel / Steinspornbrücke

NAVI: Vienna 1220 - SteinspornbrückeINFO: Vienna

Course Length: 255m
Drop:                 3,75m
Width:             10 - 16m  
Flow rate:         8 - 12 m3 / sec. 
Grade:              III / IV