Martina Satkova (CZE), Champion of the Day, Ronan Cordier (FRA) and Finn Hartstein (GER) Champions of the Champions

Martina Satkova from the Czech Republic was the great winner of the last day at the 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championships in Lofer by winning the K1 and the C1 Women Sprint Finals. Her schedule today was very hard. Two heats and two finals at one day were a long programme, but the 14 years girl, one of the youngest at the whole championships, did it like an expierenced paddler.
„So many medals are really great“, said Martina at the end of the finals. „The K1 was very close and that is why, this victory is most valuable for me. Alltogether it were great championships for me."

In the Finals of the C1 Category Ronan Cordier was successful again. After two gold medals in the team disciplines, he is now the third time on the top. „It was a perfect race for me“, means Cordier. „My team-mate Thomas made also a great race, so I had to give everything. I am very happy that these Championships are over, because I am very tired now.“
With this third gold medal Cordier is the Champion of the Champions. But not allone, because Finn Hartstein from Germany won the K1 Men Final and got also his third gold.

„The Championships started average, because I hope to win the Individuals Classic. Then the Team Events were perfect for us and today it was just amazing. To be honest, I felt very bad at the beginning of my race. My arms very heavy. But then I remembered the simple statement of my coach: „Smash, Smash, Smash!“ and so I did. I like to say "Thanks" to the whole team and the supporters."

The C2 Finals of the men was the closest discipline of the day and it got a very good ending. Both, France with Axel Aillet and Axel Del Negro and the Czech with Filip Jelinek and Vojtech Zapletal, won the gold medal with the same time (1:19,90 min).
„This last final was very surprising“, said Frédéric Rebeyrol. „I knew that our C2 could reach a medal and so I am very happy about gold. But also the Czech made a great job, so it´s OK two have both boats on the top.“

Joao Tomasini-Schwertner, 3rd Vice President of the International Canoe Federation, gave a very positive quote at the end of the races. „We saw very exciting races in Lofer and of course the organizers made a great job. Also the support of the city of Lofer was huge. Wildwater and Lofer is really a good combination.“

In the Medal Table the Czech Republic wins with five Gold Medals in front of France and Germany. The two Gold Medals of the Czech and France changed the table at the last day enormous. The National Cup in Sprint is published together with the results-

Medal Table

1. CZE  5xG // 3xS // 5xB
2. FRA  4xG // 2xS // 3xB
3. GER 4xG // 1xS //
4. ITA   1xG // 2xS // 2xB
5. SUI  1xG // 1xS // 2xB
6. CRO       // 3xS // 2xB
SLO        // 1xS // 1xB



France and Germany strike again

Today the Team-Sprints at the 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championships in Lofer were dominated by France and Germany again. Both nations, who win the team-classics yesterday, were at the Team-Sprints successful again. Ronan Cordier, Thomas Janeriat and Perre Tourbady had a strong first run in the C1-Men-Sprint. With 1:24,11 min they were 1,6 sec in front of their opponents from Croatia and the Czech Republic. „Yesterday I already said, in the team-sprint we´ll be one of the best nations“, said Frédéric Rebeyrol national coach of France. „Our first run was very good, but one of our paddlers got an injury, so we decided to skip the second run.“

The closest competition of the Juniors Wolrd Championhships was the K1 Men Team-Sprint, when Germany and the Czech Republic had the same finish time with 1:15,50 min after two runs. But Germany with Finn Hartstein, Joshua Piaskowski and Yannic Lemmen was a bit faster in their second run by leading 6/100 sec. 
„That´s overwhelming“, rejoiced Ralf Beerschwenger national coach of Germany. „We made the decission to switch the team from classic to sprint. My idea was to give Yannic Lemmen the chance and by a very good instructions of our coaches Sabine Füsser and Sebastian Verhoef our team was perfect tuned for the race.“

With the two gold-medals of France and Germany, the medal table switched. Germany is leading with three gold medals in front of the Czech Republic and France on 3rd position.

Saturday will be the last day of the Juniors World Championships. On the schedule are the Individual-Sprints at 10:00.

Comeback of France - Germans Marcel Pfauler Double-World Champion

At the second day of the 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championships in Lofer France celebrated a big comeback by winning gold in the C1 Team Classic. Ronan Cordier, Thomas Janeriat and Pierre Troubady made the comeback for France perfect, when they paddle five seconds faster as the opponents from Croatia and Italy.

„Yesterday the other competitors were faster“, said the national coach of France Frédéric Rebeyrol. „But we know, that we can do it better and get a medal in the team race. Tomorrow at the team sprint will come our strength.“

Giorgio Dell´Agostino from Italy, who won the bronze medal in C1 Team Classic got now a complete medal set, with his successes of yesterday.

The favorited germand team in K1 Men Classic Team made a very strong impression.  Yesterday Marcel Pfauler and Finn Hartstein already won gold and silver at the individuals. Together with Joshua Piaskowski, who is at the moment in a real good shape, they paddle 10 sec faster, than the Czech Rebublic and Switzerland.

Marcel Pfauler, Finn Hartstein & Joshua Piaskowski„We paddle very save at the last 300 m through the sprint-arena“, said Pfauler after his victory. „I didn´t want to shock my coach again like yesterday. But we knew at the split time, we were 10 sec in front, so we didn´t take to much risk.“

By winning gold in Kajak Team Classic Marcel Pfauler is Double-World Champion.

In the medal table the Czech rebublic is still at the first place with two Gold-, two Silver and one Bronzemedal. Tomorrow the finals in Team Sprint are on the schedule.



First day of the competition - double strike by the Czech

The first day of the 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championships in Lofer was also the first day of surprises and a czech double strike. The individual classic races were on the schedule. The course from St Martin to Lofer with the sprint arena at the end is about 3,5 km long, where the best paddlers need 10 minutes. In the last two disciplines of the day the Czech show their strength by winning both.

Also Italy, Germany and Switzerland won a gold medal. At K1-Men-Finals Marcel Paufler (GER) won in front of his teammate Finn Hartstein (GER) after a big shoking moment close to the finish line, when we bounced and nearly capsized: „I don´know what happend“, said the 18 year old german. „I was very confident at the first 2 km, but then I was so tired. When I was shaking, I thoght everything is over. But I was lucky and therefore exuberantly happy.“

The K1 women was dominated by Selina Zimmermann (SUI). Five seconds in front of Tereza Brozova (CZE) she won masterfully gold. „Actually my feeling was not so good and I am a bit surprised by myself. My coach shout 500m before the finish line, that I am three seconds in front. That was gave a lot of self-confidence.“

The womens canadian-class is growing up. Alltogether nine participants were at the start line to fight for gold. In the end Martina Satkova from the Czech Republic was really unbeatable. With a lead of nearly 50 seconds she was in front of Chiara Carbognin (ITA). „Under 13 minutes is a very good result for me. But I am also a bit angry, because my boat damaged and got full of water. Without this damage it would be easier to paddle.“

The C1-Competition was ruled by Girgio Dell´Agostino from Italy. His ride through the sprint arena was like an early lap of honor, because he knew the comfortable split time. In the end he was 12 sec in front of Jadran Zonjic from Croatia. „I try to focus for a medal, but gold wasn´t expected. After 1 km my coach gave the split time and so I knew it´ll be a good race. Last year I won the European Championships so I set a high ambition for Lofer.“

Giorgio Dell´Agostino was in the C2 successful, too. Together with his partner Mattia Quintarelli (ITA) they won silver. Only the Czech-Team with Filip Jelinek and Vojtech Zapletal was faster. „The course is at the end very hard“, said Fililp Jelinek. We didn´t expect to be in front of the french C2. Everybody thought they were the strongest team, but they capsize just before the finish line.“

After five disciplines in the individual classics the teams prepare for tomorrow team-classic. Start will be again at 10:30.

Enthusiastic Opening Ceremony in Lofer

The 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championships are officially opend. On Tuesday Evening Joao Tomasini, 3rd Vice President of the International Canoe Federation (ICF), declared the competition as open. Lofer celebrated at the marketplace an enthusiastic and colorful opening ceremony. The mayor Mrs Bettina Mitterer gave a warm welcome to the 15 participating nations, their standard bearer, the specattors, fans und guests and:

„Lofer is very proud to organise the Championships together with Germany“, said Mitterer. „I wish good luck for all athletes and a successful and fair competition.“

The President of the German Canoe Federation Mr Thomas Konietzko added this quote, when he said: „Wildwater has a proud history and I am sure that we write with the 2013 World Championships a new chapter in a successfull future for our sport. We are here in Austria and Germany is the host federation. This is a very great cooperation. We chose this place, because the region offers the best conditions and we work closely with the Austria Canoe Federation and the City of Lofer.“

Joao Tomasini as the third speaker at the opening ceremony gave also an emotional quote to the guests: „These athletes are the future of wildwater canoeing. So I am sure that they will give their best and make our championships special.“

After this welcome speech Tomasini declared the 2013 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Juniors World Championhsips as open combined with the ICF Hymne.

Tomorrow at 10.30 the first races in individual classic will start.

Wildwater-Sprint LIVE on KanuTube

From Friday on the races will be broadcasted on via Live-Streaming. The Juniors will have spectacular sprints between the Hubertus-Roller and the Daxbau on the 300m-Sprintcourse.  


Tuesday (9.7. - 19 p.m. CET):         Opening Ceremony
Wednesday (10.7. - 10:30 a.m. CET):     Final Individual Classic
Thursday (11.7. - 10:30 a.m. CET):    Final Team-Classic
LIVE: Friday (12.7. - 10:30 a.m. CET ):     Final Team-Sprint
LIVE: Saturday (13.7. - 10:00 a.m. CET): Final Individuall-Sprint