Wildwater Canoeing World Cup Final in Valtellina

Sun and blue sky in the early morning greeted the 100 athletes competing last weekend for the Wildwater Canoeing World Cup finals.

Impeccable as always the Adda, blue arena of water, now famous in the world of canoeing
thanks to decades of international activities Indomita Valtellina River, chaired by Benedetto Del Zoppo. Also this time the fundamental technical and economic support of A2A and Enel. The water drainage level of the Adda has earned the praise of the vertices of the International Canoe Federation.
It was, therefore, a great day of sport but also a big test for the wildwater canoeing world championship in 2014.
But the greatest praise goes to the athletes, as always, the real stars.
Gold in the men's K1 for the Frenchman Remi Pete, silver for the Austrian Gerhard Schmid, while the Bronze goes to the Slovenian Nejc Znidarcic.

In the women's K1 gold for the French Manon Hostens, second and third place for German Manuela Stoeberl and Deborah Fogel.
In the men's C1 wins the German Normen Weber, following the Czech Republic Ondrej Rolenc, bronze, however, to France by Louis Lapointe.
In the women's C1 is still felt in France with gold and silver, as in the sprint yesterday,
Marjolaine Hecquet and Julie Paoletti, while the bronze, and the script is repeated also in this case, is of "azzurra" Marlene Ricciardi.
No surprise than yesterday even in the men's C2 with first place for cousins across the Alps Damien and Gaetan Guyonnet, silver for Slovenians Peter Znidarsic and Luka Zganjar and bronze for Czech Ondrej Rolenc and Daniel Suchanek.

After the last race ICF wildwater chairman Jens Perlwitz could award the world cup winners of 2013: for the men's K1 the French Paul Graton, in K1 female
won the World Cup the German Manuela Stoeberl, still the champion of German category C1 male Normen Weber, also a cup to Italy in C1 female with Marlene Ricciardi, in C2 male to win was Slovenia with the couple Peter and Luka Znidarsic Zganjar.

With a big satisfaction the president Del Zoppo said: "I thank all those who made this two-day high-level sport, everything went well, not really more
you could hope for. Thanks to the sponsors and the many volunteers who have once again indulged our "quirks" working flawlessly. The Valtellina - concludes Del
Zoppo - has a card to play and that of the white-water sports. I hope that our beautiful river becomes more and more a point of reference for all the fans and I am sure
for the thousands of tourists who are still waiting to find out. The Indomitable will do its best! Big thanks also to the athletes and a salute to 2014 for the long-awaited World Championship"

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Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony of the wildwater canoeing world cup races in Valtellina started spectacular. The ICF flag floats from the church tower in Bofetto. 14 nations are waiting on the beginning of the races the next to days.

This is the last possibility to test the race course during a high level competition before the world championships next year.

Race schedule on organisers homepage

Live results

Wildwater WorldCup 1. and 2. Race in Banja Luka, 22. – 23. June 2013

Germany dominated the races in Banja Luka with 4x Gold, 4x Silver and 1 Bronzemedal

The World Cup 2013 started this weekend in Bosnia – Herzegovina on the river Vrbas. One weekend after the WWC – Sprint Worldchampionships in Solkan / Slovenia competitors of 18 Nations fighted for the medals in the Sprint and Classic events.

The competition started with the WWC – Sprint under floodlights in the canyon. It was the first time, that a worldcup race was organized in the night. After the heats during the day competitors from 14 nations started in the final. It was spectacular to see, how the competitors fight against the waves and eddies under the glaring lights.  


Best nation in the sprint races was Slovenia, Nejc Znidarcic (SLO) dominated the sprint race K 1 M, Peter Znidarsic-Luka Zganjar (SLO) did the same in the C 2 M. 

C 1 Women was controlled by Italy, the young Marlene Ricciardi was the winner of the gold medal. In K 1 Women Sabine Füsser (GER) won the final, in C 1 M Vladimir Slalina was the winner.

The Classic-Race was mastered by the competitors of Germany. Sabrina Barm (C1 W), Manuela Stöberl (K 1 W) and Normen Weber (C 1 M) won gold medals. Kamil Mruzek (CZE) won the strong classic race with 38 starters, gold medal winner in C 2 M  was the team from France, Guillaume Alzingre – Louis Lapoint.

Next weekend the World Final will be in Valtellina/Italy, were the Wildwater Canoeing World Campionships 2014  will be organized.


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